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Western Scrub-Jay at Terra Nova

On Thursday (11 Nov) I went to Terra Nova Rural Park in Richmond for the second time in a week to have another go at trying to track down the Western Scrub-Jay that had been reported in the park since at least November 3rd. My first visit on Saturday was a bust despite spending several hours combing the area, but thankfully after an hour’s worth of searching on Thursday I located the bird in the southern half of the park not far north of Westminster Highway.

The Western Scrub-Jay was skulking about in a brushy hedgerow that separated a field and an open area comprised largely of a man made hill. I sighted the bird from the southwest corner of the park right where a trail meets up with Westminster Highway nearby the dyke. The Jay stayed mostly within the confines of the brush; never venturing out into the open for more than few seconds at a time. After just five minutes of observation the bird dropped down to the ground on the other side of the bush and disappeared out of sight. I quickly rushed around to the trail on the other side of the brushy hedge, stopping only to admire a juvenile Sharp-Shinned Hawk, but I could not relocate it.

The northernmost extent of the Western Scrub-Jay’s range is typically the southwestern region of Washington stretching up to Seattle(1). You can view a map of this species 2010 distribution in Washington on eBird as well as this years sightings in B.C. These birds prefer drier and more open habitat at lower altitude as compared to Vancouver’s regular species of jay; the Steller’s Jay (2). I don’t know about a dry environment but Terra Nova is certainly low in elevation and composed of some nice open field type habitat.

Western Scrub-Jay is a very good looking bird and, after dipping on my first attempt, the victory of sighting it was that much sweeter.


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