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Grebe ID Mix-up on Life

On Sunday Discovery Channel “premiered” the documentary Life; or rather the American edition of it which is narrated by Oprah Winfrey. I had already watched the version narrated by David Attenborough, which Discover Channel Canada aired in November of last year, but I enjoyed the series so much that I wanted a second look at it. Much to my surprise I noticed that they had incorrectly identified two Clark’s Grebes as Western Grebes in the series first episode.

Here is a clip from the version narrated by David Attenborough showing the courtship display of two Clark’s Grebes. Note that they are correctly identified as Clark’s Grebe.

I was unable to find a video from the American version showing this scene but it is pretty much the same footage, just edited differently. Does anyone happen to have a link to this version’s scene of the Grebes?

I did, however, notice that on Discovery Channel Canada’s website for the show they also incorrectly mention Western Grebes as being featured in the documentary.

It’s a bit disappointing to see this in a show with footage of such high quality, and seeing as how the original script had the correct ID I don’t know how this could have been messed up. It kinda throws into doubt all of the information in the narration; if they messed one thing up could there be anymore errors?