Queen Elizabeth Park: October 16th 2012

I had an appointment within walking distance of Queen Elizabeth Park yesterday, so I decided to see what was in the area on my way home. Plus with all the rain Vancouver had on the weekend I felt like I needed to get outside for a bit when the sun returned after being cooped up. Walking up Ontario Street I first came to the easternmost pond. A few Gadwalls were hanging about as well as two American Widgeon. A Great Blue Heron was also standing motionless up to its knees in a reedy section of the pond.

From there I made my way up the hill towards the Bloedel Conservatory. Along the fence line of the pitch and putt course I came across House Finch and Dark-eyed Junco. Also of note was a group of seven Northern Flickers. I would come across nine in total within the park. This group spent most of the time perched atop a leafless tree.

I continued moving up the hill coming to the lawn bowling facility. In the brush around here there was a lone Ruby-crowned Kinglet with a group of Bushtits and a gang of twelve American Robins sat surveying the area from the tops of the shrubs. At this point it started to drizzle lightly and I was worried it’d start to rain and I’d have to call it a day, but thankfully the rain abated!

On my way over the hill I found a single Fox Sparrow with a group of Song Sparrows and at one point a pair of Bald Eagles flew overhead. Next I came to the pond just to the north of the conservatory and here I discovered where all the Mallards were hanging out. I estimated around a hundred of them. A single Ring-billed Gull was also sitting along the pond’s edge with the Canada Geese.

As I was about to continue on a group of ten Northwestern Crows flew overhead in a hurry. Not really anything to get excited over but they did seem a little agitated so I stopped walking and had a look around. A second or two later I heard the call of a Raven and then another. Not sure what the crows were up to but those Ravens were not happy to see them! They continued chasing them to the south west around the base of the hill.

I checked out the northernmost pond on my way out of the park and found another small group of Gadwall. While I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary for this time of year in my hour long walk, it was still nice to get outside for a bit!


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