Lark Sparrow at Colony Farm

I got up fairly early this morning (30/09/10) and made my way to Colony Farm where a Lark sparrow has been reported since Monday. It was fairly foggy and a little chilly upon my arrival at the north parking lot by the start of Colony Farm Road but I could hear plenty of sparrows which gave me some small measure of hope; at least there was a lot of activity. I strolled down the Mundy Creek Trail to the T-junction with the Sheep Paddocks Trail and the Home Farm Dyke Trail (If you’re unfamiliar with this location here is a map). The bird had been reported in this area but after checking it out for about twenty minutes I wasn’t seeing anything other than the regular species. From here I made my way down the Sheep Paddocks Trail which dead ends at a gate about 170m along the path; it was here that I located the Lark Sparrow.

Initially I sighted the bird on a log about ten metres from one of the gates but it was too distant for me to be 100% sure. Luckily, for me at least, a Song Sparrow began chasing the Lark Sparrow who eventually got the message that this log was the Song Sparrows’. The bird flew towards me but ducked into the grass and out of sight. After a tense five minutes it took off and landed on the trail way where it began foraging nearby a Dark-eyed Junco.

The first winter bird continued to provide excellent looks for a further half an hour or so before flying into the brush along the side of the trail where I lost track of it. While there I also couldn’t help but notice the way in which the rising sun looked filtered through the tree line and the fog. A great sunrise and a great bird, is there any better way to start the day!


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