Nashville Warbler at Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve

Today (11/09/10) I decided to head into the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve in the hopes that the cloudy/rainy weather forecasted would ground a lot of migrants in the forest along the Seymour River. The weather turned out to be a lot more partly cloudy than mostly cloudy and I was concerned that the day was going to be a bust when the first fifteen minutes of my hike produced not a single bird (I did hear Common Raven from the parking lot though).

My route from the car took me along the Twin Bridges Trail and then down Homestead Trail. Upon reaching Fisherman’s Trail I turned south to check out the Homestead Fisheries Enhancement area; which is basically a collection of ponds and streams suitable for salmon to lay their eggs in. It was along the path at the enhancement area’s southern end that I spotted a Nashville Warbler amongst a flock comprised of several species. The bird allowed for some excellent and close views over a period of ten minutes or so before moving deeper into the bush with the rest of the flock.

After the Nashville Warbler and I parted ways I continued north up Fisherman’s Trail to the Mid Valley Fisheries Enhancement area before joining up with the Seymour Valley Trailway via the Hydraulic Connector trail; it was a longish walk, often with bouts of little to no bird activity, but well worth it in the end.


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