Ambleside Park: January 30th 2010

After a hectic week of school it was nice to get out from behind the desk, but the weather today wasn’t particularly cooperative. It was raining off and on throughout the day so I decided to head out to Ambleside Park in West Vancouver which offers some decent birding, even in the wet.

The pond was pretty busy, as usual. Common Goldeneye, Lesser Scaup, Bufflehead, Mallard, and American Widgeon were all going about their daily activities.

Some of the male Common Goldeneye were partaking in courtship displays. Several males were doing the “masthead” display “in which the male lowers and stretches his head parallel to water for up to 3 s, then quickly jerks his head upright pointing bill vertically, then snaps his head back down to water level and holds it there while paddling” (1).

Out on Burrard Inlet there was a group of Harlequin Ducks swimming in single file and making the occasional dive for marine invertebrates or small fish (2).

Even though the weather was a bit iffy I still had an enjoyable, if short, time out birding.


  1. Eadie, J. M., M. L. Mallory and H. G. Lumsden. 1995. Common Goldeneye (Bucephala clangula), The Birds of North America Online (A. Poole, Ed.). Ithaca: Cornell Lab of Ornithology; Retrieved from the Birds of North America Online:
  2. Gaines, W. L. and R. E. Fitzner. 1987. Winter diet of the Harlequin Duck at Sequim Bay, Puget Sound, Washington. Northwest Sci. 61:213-215.

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