Naheeno Park: December 2nd 2009

The sunny weather conditions provided the perfect opportunity to take a break from studying and get out birding. I decided to check out Naheeno Park; a place I haven’t been birding before. It is located on Burnaby Mountain just south of SFU’s campus inside the “ring road” formed by University Drive and Gaglardi Way.

I ended up doing a trail that branches off of the main path (Mel’s Trail I think?) and does a loop across two creeks and then rejoins the main trail. It was quite peaceful, except for the traffic at SFU, but there wasn’t much activity as far as birds are concerned. This time of year isn’t exactly the best time to bird Burnaby Mountain; it’s better during migration when various species warblers are moving through.

At one point I did get some close up views of a flock of Golden-crowned Kinglets that decided I wasn’t a threat (or they were just too busy gaining much needed energy) and came within a meter or so of my position. In winter they feed primarily on insects and a little bit of seeds (Ingold and Galati 1997). I was able to watch them glean insects of off the leaves of a young Douglas fir; often they would hover to get at the underside of the leaves.

Despite the lack of activity I still had a great time and I look forward to revisiting Naheeno Park in the spring when it will hopefully have a lot more going on.


Ingold, James L. and Robert Galati. 1997. Golden-crowned Kinglet (Regulus satrapa), The Birds of North America Online (A. Poole, Ed.). Ithaca: Cornell Lab of Ornithology; Retrieved from the Birds of North America Online:


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